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You will have heard in national and international media about the 'Heartbleed' bug which potentially affects all websites.

There is no indication to suggest that your data or any other data that Dr Foster has access to - has been compromised in any way, but in order to further protect your data we now need you to reset your login password.

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The oldest browser we support is Internet Explorer 7 (IE7), but your experience will be much improved with newer browsers that are faster, safer and better. It is entirely feasible to install multiple browsers on the same computer (if your local IT policy means you need to retain IE7 to support spine and other 3rd party applications). Or, if you are stuck on IE7, you can try using Chrome Frame, which you can usually install without administrator privileges and which makes the IE7 browser act like a modern browser (in applications designed for it like the new ones from Dr Foster). Ask your local IT support team for help and advice in upgrading your browser.